Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Feeling Better

I never did get to sleep. Suprisingly enough, I was awake all day til about 5pm today. I got out a little too.

My mother in law needed some help finishing her errands from yesterday. She wasn't up to grocery shopping though, neither was I really. I drove my wife and I, running around with my mother in law going to the post office and the city to pay her water bill.

Afterwards, I picked up the Rx's that I needed. They all came in except two, but they can wait a day or two longer. I got what I needed the most...Pain Meds. Ah, the releif of pain in my hands and shoulders.

I didn't have to rely on my neb today, which is good. The kids went to school at 7 this morning and I was needing my oxygen, but that was about it. I stayed on the o2 for about 45 min. then I layed down for a short nap until time for the patch study.

My hair was cut today and it looks dandy! My head is so light now and I'm not sweating above the ears and on the back of my neck.

A friend suprised me today and showed up to play card games. Lord of the Rings card game. It's an interesting game that is fun to play with lots of friends. If you are unfamiliar with it, visit www.decipher.com for more info on the LOTR CCG.

We played 3 games in all and he basically ripped me a new one. He's coming over tommorrow possibly to watch Forbidden Planet. He hasn't seen this classic sci-fi flick yet. I hope he enjoys it, it was a gift for him this year.

Not alot going on right now. Doing my evening treatments then I'm off to bed. I doing alot better today and I don't feel the need to concentrate on my breathing through the night tonight. I had a short nap after the kids left for school and a 1 hour nap at 5 tonight. I'm ready to hit the pillows.

Coughed up about 3.5 oz of phlem yesterday. That's alot for me. I sometimes wonder how I can fill a 5 oz. cup on one day and then barely reach 1 oz on another. I know its gross, but I tend to swallow alot and don't always have opportunity to spit or spit into a cup even. *cough* *cough* *sniff* *snort* *sniff-sniff* *cough* ......*gulp* Yeah, its nasty. To each his own.

I'm done.