Sunday, May 27, 2007

My grandmother was a pretty good poet I have come to find out. I found several of her works and present them to you now.

"Peace On Earth"

This earth is peaceful once again,
And all the world is gay,
We've fought a bitter battle through
But victory is here to stay.

God hear our prayers for all the boys
Who gave their lives that we
Could have our peace, good will towards man
To keep our country free.

Bless all the Mothers, Fathers too,
That they can stand the day,
When all the sons are coming home,
But theirs are left to stay.

"Cornelia Moody Reeves"


When I am moving from a house,
There is a part of me,
That does not want to go away
But clings to memory.

These walls--This room, all seem so dear,
They are a part of me,
They hold the secrets of my life
To guard eternally.

My little kitchen, snowey white,
This room--My pride and joy
The funny little cookie jar
Has fed my hungry boy.

The nursery too, I bid adieu,
And kneel in silent prayer,
I'll move and leave this house today,
But leave my heart right there.

"Cornelia Moody Reeves"

Gods Little Angels

God came to me in a misterious way,
And whispers in my ear.
"I've a heaven full of angels,
And one that I can spare,
Im sending you the extra one,
Your heart will be filled with joy."
When I opened my eyes this morning,
I fell to my knees in silent prayer,
to thank the God above,
for one of his little angels,
My very own to love.

(This original poem was written by Cornelia Reeves, now Pelletier, on Feb. 6th, 1943 for Micheal Dee Roy Reeves. Micheal was born on Feb. 6th, 1943, He is now at this date ??? 51 years old. He will always be my baby)

"Cornelia Moody Reeves Pelletier"

P.S. Michael Dee Roy Reeves is my father.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Update - Long Overdue

Well, not alot has happened since my last post. Ok, maybe alot has happpened. Let me go over these things.

Christmas was enjoyable and we had friends and family come over and celebrate. A week after, my wife found out about a home ownership program through the section 8 program. She looked into it and thought it was something we should participate in.

My wife attended several classes for cleaning up our credit and preparing us for purchasing our first home. This was something that she was already in the process of doing, so some of the thing being taught was old hat for her.

Around this time, I started being worked up for a lung transplant over at Baylor Hospital of Dallas, and get on the list over there. The staff is most wonderful and a great releif from the treatment I was getting at my old hospital.

February 25th, 2006 we closed on our first home, 4 Bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 living areas, 2 car garage, sprinkler system, 2098 sq feet for $135,000. We absolutely love our new place. Its a long way from apartment living and little bit of culture shock.

May 24th, 2006 I had all of my teeth pulled, I am now toothless, and what a relief it is. I found out that I had two impacted wisdom teeth and they might have been causing alot of problems, like chronic pain, lethargy, neck and back pain. I am in much better spirits and feeling 110% better. I even purchased a cake for my doctors to show my appreciation for what they did.

I hit lvl 60 on World of Warcraft. Woo hoo!!!. Althought this is a minor detail in my everyday life, I feel it is an accomplishment in itself. I finally can start finishing the game that I have been playing for months.

I found a great blog of a couple that recently got married and are spending their honeymoon traveling around the world. They were both Television hosts on the cable channel G4TV - Attack of the Show (previously The Screen Savers). Check them out here.

That is about all I can think of at this point, till next time.

I'm Done

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

I've negleted this blog for too long now. Quite alot has happened since my last post, I don't think I can go over everything though. The biggest thing right now is my wife's mother received her liver transplant. We are so happy for her, and she is doing so much better. She has had some rejection, but that is normal in all transplants in the beginning. They have to find the correct combination and level of anti-rejection medication to keep the liver from rejecting anymore. Doctors say she will be going home soon.

Myself, I have a liver biopsy on Tuesday. They are checking on my portal hypertension of my liver. If it isn't that bad, they will go ahead and list me on the lung transplant list. If it is bad, then it rules out me being qualified for a transplant all together. If my liver is not good, the rejection medication will harm my liver more. The body cannot survive a lung / liver transplant, so I would not be able to get new lungs if my portal hypertension is bad. Everything that I have seen and heard is that my body is passing with flying colors. I'm a little worried about my liver, but not to the point where I'm going to stress out about it or get depressed. I'm, oddly, optomistic about this. I guess I have learned to be this way by taking care of my wife who has Multiple Sclerosis and Fibromyalgia.

Happy Holidays to all.

I'm Done.