Sunday, August 28, 2005

Going on Vacation

Hah, its been like a vacation already. I went to the local water park and Hurricane Harbour the next day. I have a nice tan now and we were going to go to six flags on Saturday, but the kids said they were too tired to go.

Now, we are getting a sitter for the kids and we will be off to Shreveport for some nice R&R and gambling. I can't wait to taste the crawfish.

Still have not heard from the hospital about my transplant status. I have to go through another round of tests before I am accepted into the program. We'll just have to see.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

How I'm Doing

Hey Everyone,

It's been a while since my last post, it has been slipping my mind alot the past few weeks. I'm doing rather well, I'm back up to 18% capacity, up from 12%, and I've gained 5 lbs. too.

Yesterday seemed to go on forever. Wife and I went and did some errands and took the kids clothes shopping at JC Penny. The kids had to play in the clothes racks and they got in trouble a couple of times too, likely story there huh? We then went to the local newspaper to get copies of the circular from a week ago. The kids pictures are in the newspaper doing their swimming lessons that they finished up on Thursday of this week. They say that they are 'popular' now, so cute.

Last night I went to go play in a card tournament for another card game called Magic: The Gatehring. This is the first theme bases card game ever. It started back in the 80's and has survived until today, going stronger than ever. Last night was a 'sealed deck' tournament. For $20, you receive five packs of 15 cards each, and of the 75 cards, you are to build a 40-card or more deck. You are then paired up with another player where you play a best of three match. After everyone has played, scores are totaled, and the winners play winners and losers play losers of the last match. There a total of five matches and I won one out of those five, which I think is fantastic for me. After the five rounds, the top 8 players play a three match elimination tournament to determine the ultimate winner. The grand prize of the tournament is 16 packs of cards, and at $3.69 a pack, that is outstanding prise support. There were 32 players last night and I just had a blast.

I got home around midnight last night and I was beat. Took a scorching hot bath, did a lung treatment afterwards and passed out.

I'm Done.