Friday, September 02, 2005

Not Going to Louisiana

Its not because of Katrina either. The hotel is raising their prices by $100 for the Labor Day weekend. We are postponing it until next weekend.

We are helping out at a friends garage sale. Been going through the house again, picking out stuff to sell. It's more of donating items to the friends sale, as they need extra cash. They were recently let go from work due to not enough work. They will be happy to receive as much as possible this weekend.

I have a doctor's appt next month and I hope that I can finally get on the lung program soon. I hate coughing so much that I gasp for breath.

I've been doing alot of that the past couple of days. I will be doing my treatments, go into a coughing fit, start gasping for breath, start to sweat heavily around my face and neck. I will then need to raise my oxygen level and turn on the small fan I have set up on my desk to cool down. After I finish my treatment, I'm usually feeling better, but I also sometimes need to do a second treatment right after. I am completely exhausted afterwards and can lay down to sleep for hours. It's amazing to me that I get so exhausted after that. I also tend to not eat either, as the exhaustion takes away my appetite.

We hope to get our car back from the shop tomorrow. Til next time.

I'm Done.