Saturday, June 11, 2005

Not Doing Well

I haven't been here for so long, I forgot my username and password. I had to recover it. Boy do I feel dumb.

I went to a CF clinic this past Tuesday and my condition has gotten somewhat worse than I thought. My doctor authorized a motorized scooter for myself, which he has been against for some time because he wants me on my feet, excersising. Anyway, I measured 16% lung functions again, and I have gained 3 lbs. Today, I am back down another 5 lbs, due to struggling to breathe and sweating in the process. I move very slowly, literally at a snails pace. I can barely prepare myself anything to eat or drink, I have to ask the wife or the kids to help.

My wife has ordered me to do nothing, but rest and try to recoupe. That is exactly what I am trying to do. I have some pain in my chest, not sure what it's from though. I also have some pain on my left side, just below the last rib. Hurts like hell when I take in a deep breath.

I am on oxygen 24/7 now, when I go out, if at all, I go in a wheelchair. My scooter will take some time to arrive. It's way to hot and humid for me to go out. I'm getting dehydrated pretty fast. Explains the weight loss.

My appetite is very poor. I was only able to get down one teriyaki chicken rice bowl and a can of spagghetti-O's all day today. Yes, I need to eat more, I'm just having a time coughing up 5 oz of gunk, gasping for breath at the same time and trying to get up and eat something. Moving around while I gasp and cough almost makes me want to pass out. I think I've done 10 lung treatments today, I usually only have to do 3 or 4. Gives a little more insight on what I'm dealing with.

The doctor also wants me to refile my insurance papers at the transplant center to look at my financial situation again. The government has changed alot of things with Medicare and Medicaid as well as the organ distribution program in the DFW area.

Things are starting to roll again with the transplant again, I hope I can survive long enough to have the darn thing. At the rate that I have been going in the past, I surely would not have.

I'm Done.