Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A Task To Be Done

I had some trouble getting up this morning. I was in some pain, not sure exactly where, but I know I was hurting. I don't think I got much sleep last night either.

I started to make a daily schedule for the kids, wife had some suggestions on modifying it and I want to do that tonight. Not sure if I can do it though, not enough time. I need to get some sleep tonight, people are coming over for Wednesday night tomorrow.

Wife went grocery shopping today, she came back with a ton of stuff and we almost didn't have room for it all. Both the deep freeze and the refrigerator freezer are stuffed full, the fridge itself is full and the cupboard are almost overflowing. She wasn't able to get all the fresh vegetables I wanted, but we should have enough for the next two weeks.

I modified my decks for Lord of the Rings today, I hope they work better than they have. I've been struggling against the elf decks. Their ability to kill everything that they face is really unbelievable, I just don't have all the cards to pull it off myself.

Doing my evening treatments now, just finished watching 'Project Greenlight' on the Bravo channel. They are making a horror movie this time around, to try to make some money for the studio. I liked the premier episode, I may start watching it.

I'm Done.