Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I'm Still Sick

I guess I have what everyone else here has or had. I feel terrible. I was running a fever today and I had absolutely no energy. I'm dragging my feet and hobbling around like an old man. This is really kicking my butt. I feel helpless and a little guilty because I cannot help around the house. Wife is doing better, but not 100%. She says don't worry, but I feel guilty anyway.

Tomorrow is Wednesday night fun play, I am not cancelling it. I hope to feel much better tomorrow.

Two more episodes of NYPD Blue left. I'm sad to see it go. It was great episode tonight. The captain got shot in the groin area and may have some paralysis to deal with. Metavoy is leaving the 15th to be with this hot number who does real estate. He will do great I feel.

Survivor is premiering on Thursday. Another passion of mine that will again take up my Thursday nights. Ahh, reward challenges, immunity challenges, backstabbing, and the bitch, bitch, bitching that goes on. I can't wait.

I got some decsent sleep last night, I didn't get to bet 'til 3 AM though, but I slept until 11 AM. 8 hours, that's all I need. I can function on 5, 6 is better, but 8 is perfect. The sun usually wakes me up, or the noise of the kids.

Still have alot of pain in my neck and shoulders. My wrists and knuckles are doing a little better, not by much though. Headaches, sore throat and constant coughing with no production. My chest is starting to hurt too. I should feel better in the morning.

I'm Done.