Wednesday, February 02, 2005


I woke up today not wanting to do anything. Wife and I had to take the kids to the orthodontist today and we had some other errands to run as well.

Wife wanted to leave today at 11:30 this morning, but I tried to extend it as much as I could. My shoulders were stiff as well as my neck, as they always do in the morning, and I was still sleepy from the short night's sleep I had. I had taken a sleeping pill the night before and I believe that it was still in my system when I woke up. I didn't get to bed until 2AM last night. That was because my pain meds were wearing off and I had a persistent cough that worsened when I laid down.

I had two couging fits today, but they didn't interfere with my schedule that much. I was able to set aside some time to calm down and take a neb treatment to open up my airways. Once was when we walked to the car after having lunch at Denny's. We walked out to the car and got in, I usually drive, and when I closed the door, I went into this loud, violent and lengthy coughing fit. I say a coughing fit when I cough and cough until I'm red in the face, I can't catch my breath and sometimes have difficulty breathing in. They usually end with one or two very loud coughs that bring up an unusual amount of phlem followed by some less intense coughs. They last until I am able to fully catch my breath, at which time I take a deep breath in and feel I can go on. It's often difficult to watch, because I have to recover from it myself, nothing really helps besides handing me the portable neb so I can help my airways. Otherwise you are just stuck watching me cough without a way to help me out. I end up telling my wife not to help me when she tries. She will just hand me a tissue or the portable neb, since she knows that I will need both.

The other time was when I was vacuuming the floor before people showed up for Wednesday night fun play. $0.25 hot dogs again and a few games of LOTR. Another friend came over and brought over some Star Wars Miniatures that he had purchased. This is another game that is simular to Dungeons and Dragons when you play it with miniatures as well.

Today was a slow day, but it turned out rather well in the end. Tomorrow we hope to finally start the homeschooling. Ha! Ha! I feel like we are more busy than when we were working full time.

I'm Done.