Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Today was Good

I woke up late this morning with a very bad headache. My doctor says I get headaches because of the lack of oxygen. I must not breathe that heavy at night. My arthritis was killing me and I didn't want to get up at all. After starting my treatments and taking my meds, I started to feel much better. Later, I took a shower and shaved my scruffy looking face for the first time in about a week. I was feeling much better then.

My father came over to play some games, but we went to the card shop before hand. Getting outside was more helpful than I thought it would be. I wish I could have stayed to chat longer, but I had to get back, clean house and cook dinner before more people showed up to play also. We had fun, I play a solo smeagol deck, and it does rather well after I have had some experience with it. I probably need to tweek it a little, but many were suprised. I'm sure most of you reading this will not have a clue at what I am talking about. There are links here to the left that will help if you want to investigate some.

I think the colistin is starting to help already. I took it last night and this morning, and I feel really good, except for my aching back. Time for more pain medication, or just Tylenol.

I'm taking Ambien tonight so I can get some good rest. Hopefully it will help with this pain I'm having.

I'm Done.