Wednesday, January 19, 2005

It Just Will Not Come Up

Today was difficult in that when I was coughing, I could barely get anything up. It's frustrating when you have a tickle in the back of your throat and you cannot cough up anything. It can be dangerous too as phlem can get stuck in my throat preventing me from breathing in. Sometimes this is due to not drinking enough water and getting dehydrated. Other times it's because the air is dry and I get dried up inside my lungs.

I woke up an hour early today trying to cough up some pesky stuff. I did a neb treatment, but it only helped a little bit. I was still struggling to move the junk from my lungs. Making breakfast this morning had me breathing hard to the point that I was bent over the kitchen sink coughing til I was red in the face. I almost vomited too. After a coughing fit like this, I am exhausted that I can fall asleep for two hours easily. My body is totally worn out from the exertion and it feels good to finally breath at my normal pace again.

I had this happen again to me during lunch as well. I was hungry and decided that I would cook myself some boiled eggs. The steam from the boiling water had me coughing again and leaned over the kitchen sink. I ate my lunch and took a nap until 4:30 pm. Then I receive a call from my friends, they are coming over for Wednesday night. Wow, It's 6:15 now, I had been sleeping for a while.

Playing games was fun as always. I'm always happy to have company at my house. I love to entertain, I just wish I had the stamina and the financial resources to do it more often.

I'm doing my evening treatments again. I find that I have more time at night to post than I do any other time. Still having problems getting junk up, but I think a hot bath will help with that.

You know that I will post if something happens. It's just what I do.

I'm Done.