Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Groceries in the Cold

Interesting how children think these days. Both of our kids decided that they were either too tired to go to school or they had an upset stomach because they were too cold. Well, wife and I decided on a plan to deter them from doing this again. If they were not feeling well enought to go to school, then they will stay in their rooms all day without TV, Video games or music. They can read or play with legos and army men, but other than that, they are to stay in their rooms and rest. It was fine until it was time to go grocery shopping.

Our oldest accused us of torturing him by taking him grocery shopping. It was just too much work for him and he didn't understand why we would do this to him. It was rather funny listening to him argue his point.

I did very well today as far as my health went. I was fine until we were about to leave the grocery store. I had to stop in the middle of the store, lean against the isle meat coolers and do a lung treatment with my portable neb. I find it interesting watching the people react to my public display of medication administration. Some look at me funny, others see me from a distance and then totally ignore me when they approach. One woman even pushed me out of her way because I was blocking the cornish hens. People are down right rude these days. I coughed in her general direction and freaked her out. I guess she thought I was contaigous, HA, serves her right.

I want to go to a t-shirt store and have "Cystic Fibrosis Patient" on the front and back of the shirt. Maybe then they would understand what I was going through. People see me park in the handicapped parking and give me evil looks, mostly because of my
age I assume. Some say I could easily pass for 22 still, and there are very few 22 yr old disabled people who don't have a broken bone, on crutches or in a wheelchair. Close minded people just irritate me to the core. Makes me want to scream and strangle them
into submission until they get it through their thick skulls that there are people out there that are less fortunate living within the united states. Some even that live right next door to you.

A counselor once told me that I had an above average IQ. Now if you could chart the IQ's of everyone in the US, you would find a scale that looks simular to a mountain. Very few low IQ's and very few high IQ's, but the population peaks around 100. So, if you have an IQ score greater than 100, you are smarter than half the people in the US. Scary to think that there are mass amounts of stupid people running amuk in the world today. What to do, what to do.

I wrote a short fictional story called 'Salvation'. I will submit it to a post all alone. I adjusted the posting time so that it will appear after this post. I hope you enjoy it. I submitted it to the Vacant Funhouse that is going live in February. It's a horror, fiction and poetry site that will pay you for your work submitted if approved for publication. Who knows, maybe a famous short story in the works, but I doubt it. I will wait to see everyones reaction before I jump on some bandwagon and go off half-cocked.

Well, I thought I would have some free time today, but since the kids did not go to school today, that did not happen. Maybe tomorrow. You see now where my procrastination comes from? It's all these delays that happen in my life. Just seems to happen that way.

I'm Done.