Tuesday, January 11, 2005

In The Doghouse

I made a major goof this morning. I didn't go with my wife to here new study. She was very upset that I didn't go after telling me that she was scared and needed me, yesterday. We were both really tired this morning and she said "If you don't want to go, you don't have to." Well, I chose to stay. BIG MISTAKE GUYS. These statements are tests to show how much we are supporting our spouses and whether or not we think of them...at all. I learned a big lesson today and she let me know about it too. ALL DAY LONG TOO.

We got alot done today. Faxed off the information to the transplant center, mailed the paperwork to renew my insurance ( I have to renew every 6 months now), and I faxed in my medicare premium change to my insurance premium reimbursement program. Went to the mall and walked all the way around too. Took me an hour, but I did it. Found out that it is one mile to walk around the complete mall. I did very well. I had to stop a few times to catch my breath and I was doing some productive coughing (getting phlem up that is) while I went around. We window shopped all the way around. Always fun.

NYPD Blue is about to end its run. I'm so sad. I've gotten really hooked the last three years and now its coming to an end. Ryan won The Biggest Loser and on The Amazing Race, they have yet to get rid of the Jonathan/Victoria team. They are the most dysfunctional couple I have seen to date. I really hope that Victoria gets some real self confidence with this game and leaves Jonathan. He's a control freak and a selfish, concieted ass. Next episode Victoria hurts herself and other team members scream at him to help her. He needs a good (Southpark-Cartman voice) 'kick in the nuts'.

I'm a reality TV addict that is picky. I like Survivor, dislike Temptation Island. Like Amazing Race, dislike The Apprentice. I like Trading Spouses, I dislike WifeSwap. I like Fear Factor, dislike The Surreal Life. I like The Swan, but I dislike The Bachelor/Bachelorette.

What are your favorite reality TV shows? Or is reality TV not interest you? Leave a comment, Let me know.

I'm Done.