Saturday, January 08, 2005

A little rough

Woke up again with arthritis in my shoulders, knees, ( and and elbows. My neck was stiff as well and I was getting a little tight in the chest.

I wore my oxygen today going to the patch study. I haven't needed it for a while now. It's usually when I walk the malls and its been humid outside that I typically need it. My chest was getting tight as I walked around the house so I decided it was best that I wore it. Good decision too.

We decided to take the youngest out for a birthday dinner at Denny's. Alot of smokers there today, and I could smell the smoke and feel it in my breathing. I'm glad I had my oxygen. I would have had a bad coughing fit if I didn't. Dinner turned out well and we tried to make it to the "ponies" today; aka. the Derby Owners Club. We had a late start and it was getting pretty late by the time we made it to the mall, it was packed. People returning items and spending their x-mas money I guess.

Friends came over again tonight to play a few card games. They had a bad day at work so they blew off some steam. I think it cheered them up a bit.

Well, I'm Done.