Friday, January 07, 2005

More of the same

Arthritis has kicked in again. I woke up with sore shoulders and I could barely lift my arms above my head to put on a shirt. I slept in this morning after my treatments, getting up at eleven am.

Did the patch study, then drove around town trying to look for a place to eat. Nothing seemed to jump out and say, "I'm what you are looking for". My wife and I decided to go to Dave & Busters for lunch. It's a resteraunt/bar/video arcade that has accomodations for corporate meetings and company parties. I play a game called 'Derby Owners Club' and it's a big hit in Asia. My wife has never played so we bred her a horse today. "Little Babe" she calles her. Yep, she has a female, and I have a male horse. We can have our own virtual children I guess.

No calls from the school, both kids aced their spelling tests. We are so proud. I was able to do the dishes today without a coughing fit. I feel pretty good tonight, I hope it will last through the weekend.

Sorry its a short post, just not much happening. Nothing planned for this weekend. I may wait til monday to post again, unless something happens worth blogging about. Ha, like this is something to blog Oh well.

Til next time...I'm Done.