Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Today started good, and then it got BAD! Kids off to school at 7 am and time to do my morning treatments. Albuterol, Pulmozyme and 30min of vest. Take my meds and then a short nap before we have to leave for the patch study. Then I get the phone call from school...our youngest is refusing to do his schoolwork. Teacher then proceeds to tell me that if his behavior does not improve within the next week, it will be recommended that he be placed in an alternative school. This is only after two days of school after X-mas break. My son has ADHD and cannot be expected to have 100% compliance within a week after break. She relayed a message to my son that the X-Box will be removed if the behavior continues. His day improved.

Getting ready for the patch study at noon, I started breathing heavy and had a small coughing fit. It took me close to 5 minutes to catch my breath. I thought today was going to be a painful day for my arthritis since it decided to fall 20 degrees to a brisk 50° F. A little touch and go afterwards, did the patch then headed for the mall for lunch.

The food court changed. Arby's is no longer at the mall, which I'm guessing my undecisive wife was hoping for since we decided to go to the mexican resteraunt instead. It was quite a walk going from one end of the mall to the other to get to the resteraunt. I did pretty well too, walked steady yet slow. Kept my breathing slow and focused on not going to fast or holding my breath. After lunch, we walked back to the car and I had to rest just before the exit door because I got out of breath. Leaned up against the wall for 3 minutes and proceeded outside again to the car. Off to the dollar store. We browsed a bit, I held on to the shopping cart as we walked. It helped alot, no need to catch my breath this time. Picked up mother in law again so she could go to the store to get a few things since she wasn't able to yesterday.

The kids are home by now, they take the bus home and the oldest has a key. We get home and its time to talk to the younger boy about his behavior. That is when all hell breaks loose.

My wife and I's major difference is punishment for the children. She thinks I'm too strict, and I think she is too lax. We both admit our faults, but we have problems coming to a happy medium. If you have never been around a child who has ADHD and ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder), then you are very blessed. Our son said that he does not want to listen to his teacher or do any more schoolwork and he doesn't care about the consequences. He wants to go to the alternative school, he dislikes his current school and all the children in his classroom. I put my foot down and wife got in my face. Let the blow-up commence.


After the dust settled, dinner is done, homework is done, kids are in bed and I'm here blogging away. We love each other too much to let this destroy our marriage. We can only hope that tomorrow is better.

I hope to fax my information to the new transplant center tomorrow so they can evaluate my records and see if I can be worked up for transplant.. Hope the ball gets rolling soon on that subject.

Til next time...I'm Done.