Thursday, January 06, 2005

A Good Day

Very cold outside today. Freezing temperatures this morning. Got up early today after receiving yet another call from the school about youngest having an upset stomach. Evidently he did not have breakfast after taking his medication this morning before catching the bus to school. He was feeling better around lunchtime. More talk about alternative school. Wife and I decided to check out the alternative school.

Had a little coughing fit after getting into the car for the trip this morning. I did rather well though. We took a short tour of the school and an enlightening conversation with the head of discipline in the school. They provide the tools and study habits for the student to go back to their home school. We thought our youngest would be in alternative school for the rest of the year. Glad to hear that, it made us feel more at ease about the idea of alternative school and had us almost to the point where we wanted him to enroll tomorrow.

We went to Denny's for lunch, did the patch study again. Today is day 3 for the patch study. The tape they use for the patches is a little irritating. Headed for the Goodwill store to look find more pants for the oldest. We found a vacuum cleaner for $20. Called the people we knew that needed one, but they were not interested. We have one already too, but it was a great deal. I was doing very well, I took it slow while I walked everywhere I went. Didn't have any breathing problems anywhere today. Checked out a Science Fair Project store since the kids have science fair projects due at the end of this month. Another very interesting store, had alot of ideas for projects. They had the old Head-Bobbing TopHat Bird from the 80's. Brought back alot of memories of the state fair.

A friend stopped by today to play some LOTR CCG. We had some fun with that. The oldest played a game of Magic TCG then he had to go. Work was calling him early tomorrow. Looks like Wednesday Night Fun Play might start up again. Every Wednesday night I used to have 6-10 people come over to play card games for a few hours. It was really great and we had alot of fun. I'll be happy for it to start up again.

Homework, dinner and book reading all were done and finished by 7:30 tonight. That is a record in our books. Someone alert the press!!!

I didn't fax the paperwork today, focused on the alternative school. Will try again tomorrow. Yes, I'm a procrastinator. Does it show? I thought so.

Maybe I'll be able to handle sex tonight as well. Who knows.

I'm Done