Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Day of the Cough

I had it a little rough today. I was coughing an awful lot today and had trouble breathing at one time.

The youngest had to be picked up from school today because he was having trouble urinating and he said it hurt too. We took him to the doctor and we came to a roadblock, he didn't want the doctor to look at his privates under any circumstances. He didn't want to vacate in a cup either, so the doctor was unable to help. After leaving, when it came apparent that he might have to go back to school, that's when our child decided it was time to go in the cup. We stopped at the local McDonalds, he did his business and we headed back to the doctor to drop it off. No infection, but the doctor prescribed an antibiotic just in case since the child was in still in pain after urinating. He was a little concerned about that.

It was very windy today and it blew the car out of our lane from time to time. I hate it when that happens. We went to the mall again, to check to see if the survey place had anything. One that paid $8 and one that paid $7. Wife and I took both surveys and left $30 richer. It's what we needed to cover our negative balance in the checking account.

After we arrived home, spot cleaning had to commence. People were coming over to play card games again. This is where I had the most problems. For some reason, I think that I can move quickly in the kitchen and I don't realize that I am short of breath until all the dishes are done. Then I collapse on the couch to catch my breath as I cough up a lung. I have a hard time knowing when I'm pushing myself, when I'm concentrating hard on a project, like the dishes.

It's Wednesday, so its's $0.25 hot dogs at Wienerschnitzel. We were able to feed 5 people on $3.00, what a bargain. I played 5 games tonight and everybody had a blast. I'll be happy if we can start the Wed. Night fun play again. It kind of fizzled out just before the holidays. It was mid-October when I had the last get together. It was good to see their faces again.

Doing evening treatments now and I'm not looking forward to 38° F tomorrow morning.

Til then...I'm Done.