Sunday, January 23, 2005

Another Rough Morning

This morning was rough for me with my arthritis. My shoulders hurt, my wrists hurt and my fingers hurt. It is difficult posting today and I believe that there is a storm coming. Funny how you can predict the weather almost with your arthritis. I always though my grandparents were crazy, but now I can relate since I have their ailment.

As usual, I woke up coughing with the occasional difficulty breathing in. It either comes up all at once and blocks my airway, or it doesn't come up at all and I cough for an extended period of time. I wear myself out when the junk doesn't move.

Going to finish my lung treatments and then have breakfast. I do not have plans to do anything today, so hopefully I can just lounge around and watch sci/fi movies all day. Yeah, fat chance. The kitchen is clean at least. My responsibility is done, lol.

Thanks to Flirt for making me her blog buddy today. Yes, it was my wife's birthay on Friday, and can you believe that it is our 6th wedding anniversary today? I can't either.

Happy Anniversary my love.

I'm Done.