Tuesday, February 01, 2005


That is what I did all day long today. Nothing. I watched a few movies today, "Johnny Mnemonic" and "School of Roch", both very good movies. I was informed by my sister in law that Comcast is offering On-Demand movies. They have a large library of movies that you can 'rent' for a 24 hour period for $3.99 each. When you watch your movie, you can use your remote to play, fast-forward, rewind and pause the movie. You can even stop the movie and come back later to finish it from the place you stopped at.

I saw that they have "Ju-On", which is the original japanese title of the american version "The Grudge". I saw the original version of "The Ring" and it was just as scary, just no blood and guts. The japanese have an excellent way of filming a movie without stage blood or using elaborate special effects, and it still having a horrific effect on the audience.

Today was a good day for me in general. I still am waking up with headaches and stiffness. It goes away in an hour or so after taking my Tramadol and Naproxen. I cannot have narcotic medications because I have 'Portal Hypertension', which is high pressure of the bile ducts in the liver. It's common in CF patients, its also progressive and will eventually require a liver transplant. I'm hoping that my judgement is correct this time and I will not have to have a liver transplant for a long, long time. When I heard about my needing a lung transplant, my wife and I were under the impression that I had 15 years or more before we would have to start thinking on that subject.

Wife received a call today from a friend about her thermostat being blown and being replaced today. The friend needed my wife to come down to her house and wait for the repairman to arrive. Then she found out that the repairman had to go get a part from the warehouse and it was 35 miles away. It would take him an hour to return. After the thermostat was repaired, she received a call that her mother needed some help today as well. She was gone most of the day today. So I occupied myself with some movies.

I got paid today and we were planning on taking tomorrow to shop for homeschooling materials, but it happens to be snowing at this current hour and we may have ice and snow in the morning. That would ruin those plans. We may have to wait until next week before we are able to start the schooling.

Again, tomorrow is wednesday night card playing. Yes, Lord of the Rings. I wonder if this will show up here.

This is Eomer

He would be used as a companion in the game fighting your opponents minions. It's quite an interesting game, if you are into that sort of thing. Lots of interaction with your opponent in this game, which is what I like.

That's all from me...I'm Done