Thursday, February 03, 2005


My wife had to go to her parent's house this morning to help move some things and get rid of an ant invasion they are having. She was only supposed to be there for a little while, but it ended up being an all day excursion. She got home at midnight.

I'm not angry, but we were supposed to do some things today that will have to wait now. We need to refill my prescriptions, go to the homeschooling store for supplies and go to the postoffice.

I receive a new portable nebulizer today. I ordered it about two weeks ago online. It was a banner advertising a free nebulizer. Well, it's not free, but just about. My copay is only $15.00 for this $200 product. It's cool as heck too. It has a rechargable battery, an adapter for the car and a hose so I don't have to hold the whole pump up to my mouth. I can also use all my meds with this one as well. This will help on road trips and vacations that I go on.

Woke up with the same shoulder and neck pain. It's the arthritis that is bothering me and my medication wears off from the night before when I wake up. First thing I usually do is take my pain meds, that is if I want to put the effort into getting up in the first place. Hee hee.

No real problems today. Just the usual morning coughing fit. I haven't been having the ones that almost get me to the point of vomiting, so that is a good thing. I'm always glad to not be in pain.

Watched a program about a man who was injected with fake botox and was paralized for two weeks. He described how he at first couldn't swallow when he arrived at the ER. Then his jaw locked up like he had lockjaw, he then couldn't open his eyes. Finally he was completely paralyzed, but he could hear everything that was going on. People coming up and asking how he was doing and not being able to respond to them. I was symathizing with him just thinking about how panic sets in when you can't swallow or speak or breath on your own. I can just imagine how scared he was during that whole ordeal. I scared myself even.

I'm happy that I can still breath on my own.

I'm Done.