Thursday, February 10, 2005

Finally, Relief

I refilled my prescriptions for some other pain meds and I had them this morning. Ahh, I felt so good today and it was refreshing to feel that way most of the day.

Despite my pain last night, wife and I had a roll in the hay. It was quite a night I have to say.

Received a call and we have been scheduled to participate in a different patch study that starts Feb. 14th that pays $120. It's a Monday, Wednesday & Friday patch study around the noon hour so it works out well.

I have a card game tournament this weekend, I hope to get 10 people to show up. If more than 15 show up, then the store will give away a T-Shirt.

Started on my anti-depressant too today. I'm really glad to have that now, I was feeling extremly down the past couple of days. I was irritable, short and pissed off Tuesday, and Wednesday I fell into a major depression. Nothing interested me and I wasn't motivated to do anything. I'm feeling a little better tonight, but I know it will take a few days to kick in. Only bad thing is it effects my sexual performance, bummer.

I'm going to surf some blogs tonight on blogexplosion, get some more credits, then I will play some Rollercoaster Tycoon. Might be time for a hot bath tonight as well, who knows.

I'm Done.