Monday, February 07, 2005

I'm Hurting

I woke up today and I couldn't move my shoulders, neck, wrists or my left knee. My knuckles have swollen up to the size of grapes and it took me forever to take my neb treatments this morning.

I walked with a limp today because of my knee. My arthritis is really starting to bother me and I need to see the doctor soon. I barely moved most of the day today. I took extra pain medicine, tylenol and later had some advil. After about 4-5 hours, I was feeling a little better.

No coughing fits today, and I'm happy about that too. It hurts to cough.

Not much to say, since I didn't do anything due to my pain. These short posts make me think that I'm really boring. Hopefully you will still come back and check up on me.

I'm Done.