Friday, February 18, 2005

Hopefully Getting Better

Wednesday I was doing great. I felt good and I was able to be very productive around the house as we got ready for guests that evening. I did not cancel Wednesday, and I'm glad I didn't. I had a player come over who hasn't come over in a while. He lives about 30-45 min. from me and he took the time to drive down. It was great fun to play that night.

I swear, not 5 minutes from people leaving, did I start feeling worse. I got a headache, my sinuses were inflamed, I was short of breath and I started coughing alot more. My stomach started to ache and I was getting chills too, I felt like a truck ran over me. I felt the same, if not worse, the next morning. It took forever to warm myself up.

My arthritis was everywhere and I was walking around very slowly, with my arms very still and close, my shoulders were thrown forward and I was limping. I haven't had pain in my knees for a while now. Last night was probably my worst night so far. I was coughing up streaks of blood in my phlem while I was doing my evening treatments. The pain was dealable, but there to let itself known. My nose was extremely dry, but my sinuses were full of fluid. I couldn't breath through my nose and trying to blow my nose was nearly impossible, not only because of my sinuses, but the junk inside my nose was as thick as molasses (or tar, take your pick).

This is when I bring out, THE Q-TIPS. I take one, and insert it into one nostril. I'm able to push the entire q-tip into my nose, and that is what I do, just the end sticks out. I turn and wiggle the q-tip against the sinus and try to loosen any "boogers" that are back there. Hah! Haven't heard that in a while, "boogers" hee hee. Anyway, I take it out, throw it away and repeat on the other nostril. After that, I take a syringe, without a needle, fill it with tap water and squirt water up into each nostril, while bending over the sink. I try to breath in just a bit so I can get it to pass through the sinuses. This will make you cough, or sneeze. I also try to keep the water in my sinus as long as possible, squeezing the nostrils and massaging my nose with my extra fingers to circulate the water inside as much as possible. I let the water come out and fall into the sink, grab a tissue and blow my brains out. The stuff that comes out is an insanely large quantity of mucus of different colors, shapes and textures. Brown, yellow and red, looking crystals or small grain sand that feels both rough and slimy at the same time. It's just a totally gross out scene.

Today, I have been doing fairly better. I'm walking around without a limp and I'm loose too. I'm not holding my arms in close, my pain in my shoulders and neck is minimal today. I've been couging, but not alot like I have been. Sinuses are still dry as heck, and I can't seem to shake the scratchy throat. I'm very happy that feeling better is just a day or two away. I hope everyone else is feeling better this weekend.

I'm Done.