Thursday, March 03, 2005

6:45 am

That is the time I was born 36 years ago today. I was an early bird then, but I am not today. Far from it, more like a night owl.

It's my birthday and I will be going to "Central Market" for some live crawfish, 4-5 lbs of them, and cook 'em at home for a birthday meal. I'm not in the hospital, and I'm thankful for that. Going to a Lord CCG tournament Saturday, hope I win.

Here is my attempt of the ABC's.

A - Aggressive, some people think that I come off too aggressive.
B - Beautiful.
C - I spent a year studying art in College
D - Depression
E - Eager to have a lung transplant
F - Fun to be with.
G - Giving
H - Honest
I - I'm on the Internet alot
J - I haven't had a Job in 4 years
K - Kind
L - Loving
M - Monotonous
N - New to the blogging world
O - getting Older
P - Pessimistic
Q - Questioning
R - Run away from conflict
S - Simple
T - very Tired
U - Uncertain of my future
V - I often Vision myself as being very wealthy
W - Wishful thinking
X - Gen-X
Y - Youthful Looking
Z - Zeus was a cool when I was younger