Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I need my Mobic

I recently ran out of my pain medication, Mobic, and I didn't even realize it 'till today. I took my meds and noticed that my Mobic was missing ( I prepare my meds in weekly pill cases that will go through four weeks ). Then I realized that that might be the problem I have had lately, difficulty getting up in the morning because I am extremely stiff. Without my Mobic, this can be a real challenge for me, I plan to refill it tomorrow, I will have the car then.

I've also had some difficulty breathing too. I seem to become short of breath when I walk down the hall, I might have to wear my oxygen tomorrow as well. I've taken almost six neb treatments today and I did about five yesterday. It might have to do with my missing Mobic too.

Tomorrow is Wednesday and it will be short of attendance. My father is working again and one of my friends is changing to Friday Night Magic, a different card game.

I'm Done.