Sunday, March 20, 2005

Hobbits and Saruman

The Lord of the Rings tournament was yesterday and I had alot of fun. I recieved the Saruman deck that included Saruman and Uruk-Hai minions. It also had Hobbits and a couple of rangers to defend Frodo and his quest to destroy the 'One Ring'.

I had to face two types of decks, the Saruman deck that I had and a Mouth of Sauron deck that was a whole lot more powerful than the Hobbits. The Mouth of Sauron deck contains 'Evil Men' and the Mouth of Sauron too. The fellowship defending Frodo is Rohan, and they did much better against the uruk-hai. I didn't win the tournament, but I did get some cool product and had alot of fun.

I had some trouble getting up this morning, pain and sleepiness were in the way. I went back to bed after my treatments and almost missed my ride to the tournament. I got a little out of breath, but I was able to prevent myself from needing the oxygen today. A friend came back to the house with me and we played some more. We also had some games of Star Wars miniatures and Magic: the gathering.