Thursday, March 31, 2005

Doing Well

I am really suprised at how well I am doing lately. The bactrum must really be helping me get around and feeling good. Yesterday, I was able to take a shower, clean the kitchen and vacuum without taking a break. That is a first for me, I'm usually gasping for breath.

I've found some new game sites that deal with 'virtual' worlds. The first one I found is Torn City. You are a member of an online community that is open for about anything. You can become a crimelord, a stockmarket guru or a mass murderer. Whatever your fancy, you can just about become here.

Another one is about 'virtual' pet dogs at Furry-Paws. You create your own dog, or adopt one and train him to do tricks, play with him, take him to dog shows and win big money. It's quite fun, and a big time suck too. There are two others that are simular that I found also. Pure Felinity for cats and Horse Land for horses. I've got my hands in everything now. It's way cool for me though. Have fun!!

I'm Done.