Sunday, June 19, 2005

Dan in Hospital again

Dan had a critical situation this last week. Sunday Dan wasn't feeling so great so Karen checked him into St. Paul's emergency hospital.

He was not eating, running a slight fever, couldn't breathe easily, had pneumonia, and generally rundown. Tuesday the 14th his pulminary (lung) functions were down to 12% capacity, where just a week ago he was at 19%.

He was not doing or feeling well at all. So the family sat around the hospital encouraging him to health. Of course the doctors were pumping him full of antibiotics and we were just the cheerleaders.

I am happy to say that he is sitting up, looking better, acting perkier, the pneumonia has quit growing, eating a little more, and is generally feeling better. So another crisis is behind us.

In addition to Dan's double lung transplant, there will be anti-rejection medication that Dan will have to take after the transplant untill, well for the rest of his life. That medication has now escalated to $30,000 per YEAR, and still climbing.