Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I'm Home Now

I was able to find a home health care company that will take my insurance. Last time I was in the hospital, I had to stay admitted for 21 days since I had no home health care company to do home IV's. They told me that one opened last year, and now I'm set up to do the IV's at home. Thank the lord.

At the hospital before I left, they measured my lung functions and I am back to 19% lung capacity, which is where I was at three months before I was admitted. I'm happy to be home and free of the small prison that I was in.

I will keep updating on my progress at the home IV's progress.

I'm Done.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Once Again

On the tenth of this month, I had a CF clinic appointment to go to. I wasn't doing very well, I was in good spirits and I knew that my lung function test was going to be low. I just didn't know how low it was going to be.

On the way out the door, the kids alerted my wife and I about some trouble with the cat. It seems that the animal had injured itself somehow and was not wanting anything to touch or pick it up. We tried giving some treats to her, and as she got up to take the morsel from my wife's hand, I saw the side of our precious cat open up and show a huge gash on her side. We are assuming that she had gotten herself into the window again where we had put some old computer parts out the night before. She must have fell onto these parts with sharp edges. She was very fortunate to live through this ordeal, had the cut gone any deeper, it would have pierced a lung. My wife had to rush the cat to the vet as I went to my clinic appointment with my father.

At the appointment, I had to get some bloodwork done, a new chest xray and then I was able to take the lung function test. I measured at an 19% three months ago, and this time I measured at a 16% lung capacity. Almost a 20% drop in function. The doctors do not like to see more than a 10% drop at a time. They felt that I might be coming down with something and decided to admit me to the hospital.

That is where I am now. I am blogging from my hospital room at 3AM, staring at a glowing screen letting all my readers how I am doing. Please let Flirt know about my situation, I wasn't able to post on her blog, something funny is going with the provided computer here. I'm sure that she would like to know what is going on as well and will put a word out about my situation.

So sorry for the length in posting times, I just have been engulfed in webgaming for so long, I lost sight of the reason I started this blog in the first place. I do hope to get back on track and post daily again. That is, until I get out of the hospital, I don't think that will be happening.

Talk to you all soon.

I'm Done.