Thursday, March 31, 2005

Doing Well

I am really suprised at how well I am doing lately. The bactrum must really be helping me get around and feeling good. Yesterday, I was able to take a shower, clean the kitchen and vacuum without taking a break. That is a first for me, I'm usually gasping for breath.

I've found some new game sites that deal with 'virtual' worlds. The first one I found is Torn City. You are a member of an online community that is open for about anything. You can become a crimelord, a stockmarket guru or a mass murderer. Whatever your fancy, you can just about become here.

Another one is about 'virtual' pet dogs at Furry-Paws. You create your own dog, or adopt one and train him to do tricks, play with him, take him to dog shows and win big money. It's quite fun, and a big time suck too. There are two others that are simular that I found also. Pure Felinity for cats and Horse Land for horses. I've got my hands in everything now. It's way cool for me though. Have fun!!

I'm Done.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Somewhat Better

After getting some Bactrum in me, I am starting to feel a bit better. I didn't have to wear my oxygen today, a big plus, but I have been very sleepy. I woke up at 6:30, did my morning treatments, went to the living room to watch TV and proceeded to fall asleep until 11:00 am.

My father came by today, we played some cards and talked a bit. He's starting to work around where he lives, which is very good for him.

I hope I can keep my health up until Monday. Wife doesn't want me in the hospital.

Sick Again

I have been under the weather the past couple of days. I called into the CF clinic to either have an antibiotic to help me or be admitted to the hospital. They called in Bactrum again and if I'm not better by Monday, I'm going in.

I hate being sick, I can't breathe, sleep, cook, or move. I've been real irratable since I ran out of my anti-depressant and not getting any sleep. I'm doing a little better today, just that I had two chocolate ensures this morning that I eventually threw up an hour later. I've kept lunch down so far, knock on wood. We'll see about dinner.

Hope your doing better than I am.

I'm Done.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I need my Mobic

I recently ran out of my pain medication, Mobic, and I didn't even realize it 'till today. I took my meds and noticed that my Mobic was missing ( I prepare my meds in weekly pill cases that will go through four weeks ). Then I realized that that might be the problem I have had lately, difficulty getting up in the morning because I am extremely stiff. Without my Mobic, this can be a real challenge for me, I plan to refill it tomorrow, I will have the car then.

I've also had some difficulty breathing too. I seem to become short of breath when I walk down the hall, I might have to wear my oxygen tomorrow as well. I've taken almost six neb treatments today and I did about five yesterday. It might have to do with my missing Mobic too.

Tomorrow is Wednesday and it will be short of attendance. My father is working again and one of my friends is changing to Friday Night Magic, a different card game.

I'm Done.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Hobbits and Saruman

The Lord of the Rings tournament was yesterday and I had alot of fun. I recieved the Saruman deck that included Saruman and Uruk-Hai minions. It also had Hobbits and a couple of rangers to defend Frodo and his quest to destroy the 'One Ring'.

I had to face two types of decks, the Saruman deck that I had and a Mouth of Sauron deck that was a whole lot more powerful than the Hobbits. The Mouth of Sauron deck contains 'Evil Men' and the Mouth of Sauron too. The fellowship defending Frodo is Rohan, and they did much better against the uruk-hai. I didn't win the tournament, but I did get some cool product and had alot of fun.

I had some trouble getting up this morning, pain and sleepiness were in the way. I went back to bed after my treatments and almost missed my ride to the tournament. I got a little out of breath, but I was able to prevent myself from needing the oxygen today. A friend came back to the house with me and we played some more. We also had some games of Star Wars miniatures and Magic: the gathering.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A Task To Be Done

I had some trouble getting up this morning. I was in some pain, not sure exactly where, but I know I was hurting. I don't think I got much sleep last night either.

I started to make a daily schedule for the kids, wife had some suggestions on modifying it and I want to do that tonight. Not sure if I can do it though, not enough time. I need to get some sleep tonight, people are coming over for Wednesday night tomorrow.

Wife went grocery shopping today, she came back with a ton of stuff and we almost didn't have room for it all. Both the deep freeze and the refrigerator freezer are stuffed full, the fridge itself is full and the cupboard are almost overflowing. She wasn't able to get all the fresh vegetables I wanted, but we should have enough for the next two weeks.

I modified my decks for Lord of the Rings today, I hope they work better than they have. I've been struggling against the elf decks. Their ability to kill everything that they face is really unbelievable, I just don't have all the cards to pull it off myself.

Doing my evening treatments now, just finished watching 'Project Greenlight' on the Bravo channel. They are making a horror movie this time around, to try to make some money for the studio. I liked the premier episode, I may start watching it.

I'm Done.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Getting back on track

It's been a good while since I was here. Life has gotten in the way a bit.

I finish up my patch study on Wednesday. $120 buck my way, woo hoo!!! We signed the boys up for swimming lessons and they start on the 21st. Three times a week for four weeks. Summer is coming and they really need to get rid of the floaties.

I have been doing very well these past few days. Yesterday I made my chicken pasta salad, boxed it up and delivered it to my pharmacy. My favorite pharmacist is leaving for Waco and I had to give her a going away present. I do this about every 2-3 months. I make a whole bunch, package it up and give everyone on the staff some. They are usually very grateful because they didn't bring lunch that day or didn't have enough to eat. It's always well timed. Grilled chicken, multi-colored rotini pasta, chopped celery, chopped carrots, quartered and sliced cucumbers topped with italian dressing. Mmm, Mmm, Mmmmmm! Good stuff.

It was a little breezy and cool yesterday too, I got a little out of breath, but I think it was good since I didn't break down into a massive coughing fit. My legs were very sore the rest of the day though. Standing in the kitchen for so long was difficult. I took a steamy hot bath last night and it really helped out. I had to do a quick neb treatment after the bath, I seem to have to do that every time. I guess the steam just clogs up my small airways.

I purchased Civilization III for the PC and I'm just hooked. I've found myself up til 3:00 am playing this game. I enjoy it alot. I got it with my birthday money. This is one present that I will play with for a long time.

I'm Done.

Deborah Shaver

I know you wanted to talk about CF, but the post doesn't give me an email address to reply to you.

Please send me an email here

Hope to hear from you.

I'm Done.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

6:45 am

That is the time I was born 36 years ago today. I was an early bird then, but I am not today. Far from it, more like a night owl.

It's my birthday and I will be going to "Central Market" for some live crawfish, 4-5 lbs of them, and cook 'em at home for a birthday meal. I'm not in the hospital, and I'm thankful for that. Going to a Lord CCG tournament Saturday, hope I win.

Here is my attempt of the ABC's.

A - Aggressive, some people think that I come off too aggressive.
B - Beautiful.
C - I spent a year studying art in College
D - Depression
E - Eager to have a lung transplant
F - Fun to be with.
G - Giving
H - Honest
I - I'm on the Internet alot
J - I haven't had a Job in 4 years
K - Kind
L - Loving
M - Monotonous
N - New to the blogging world
O - getting Older
P - Pessimistic
Q - Questioning
R - Run away from conflict
S - Simple
T - very Tired
U - Uncertain of my future
V - I often Vision myself as being very wealthy
W - Wishful thinking
X - Gen-X
Y - Youthful Looking
Z - Zeus was a cool when I was younger

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

I'm at home

I went to clinic today and I was not admitted either. I am doing exceptionally better today and I'm glad to say that I have gained 2 1/2 lbs. My lung funtions are still holding at 18% and I have been instructed to excercise more. More mall walking for me then.

Thanks to all who had well wishes for me, I really appreciate it. I'll be home for my birthday.

I hear that crawfish are $2.99 a lb. at the store, might buy some for my birthday meal. Mmmm-Mmmm!

I'm Done.